The Right Stuff (a Christmas sermon)

*This sermon originally preached at Sunrise Church on Sullivan's Island, SC on December 29, 2019.* Hebrews 2:10-18 This is kind of a weird Sunday. It, along with the Sunday after Easter, is often jokingly referred to as Associate Pastor Sunday. Attendance is typically lower, many people are traveling, sometimes even the pastors. It’s also a... Continue Reading →

Does Jesus Doubt? (a sermon for Lent)

(A sermon on Mark 14:31-15:15) "Jesus’ doubt and fear and trembling in the garden matter. They are, believe it or not, good news. Because it means that it is okay that we doubt and fear and tremble too. It’s okay that we question." 

Remembering Eden

(On Luke 13:1-9) "We weren’t made to stand idle with arms out stretched and wait for our branches to bear fruit. No. We were created to be gardeners."

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