Holy Filibuster (A Sermon on Prayer)

(On 1 Samuel 1: 4-20) "The power of our prayer is the vibration along the telephone wire of our faith back to the God who made us and forward to the world God made us for. The power of our prayer is to tell a different story—a better story—and to disrupt the brokenness around us."

Homecoming (a sermon for my childhood church)

(On 1 Corinthians 3: 9-11) "This communal work of drawing nearer to Christ does call us to commit and invest ourselves wholly into the good work of our community so that we and others may continue to grow in our understanding of God’s grace and love. But it calls us to more than that. It calls us to holy dreaming, to firm and certain hope, to prophetic imagination. It calls to trust and a willingness to be on the move. Because Christ is on the move in this world, and our home is wherever Christ is."

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